Top 5 Ways To Make Less Money

Are you making too much money? Let me guess, you have too much work and you have to get rid of some clients? I’ve heard it a thousand times, and this is your opportunity to make a change. Here are my Top 5 Ways to Make Less Money:

  1. Keep them waiting. Clients hate this. If you’re serious about needing more free time and making less money, this is a good place to start. Let them know how unimportant they are to you. It only takes a couple times before you’re on the fast track to losing cash.
  2. Don’t listen to want they want. Let’s be honest. They don’t know as much as you, and they are super annoying with their needs and desires anyway. On their next project, just do whatever you think is best and kick their opinions to the curb. You are an artist after all.
  3. Let them make all the decisions. If number two doesn’t work, try this instead. Don’t engage in brainstorming. It would be so much easier if they just told you everything to do. If they already know what they want anyway, why don’t they just do it? Just wait until they tell you what to do. Not sharing your expertise and opinion is a surefire way to work yourself out of a gig. Yay! Less money for you!
  4. Make them feel stupid. Use large amounts of design industry jargon when you speak to them. It will more than likely shut down any meaningful talk you’re having about your project. They won’t be able to contribute to the conversation and will feel stupid. If you have a client who likes to learn and starts asking questions, just make sure you let them know how long you’ve been in the business. Everyone hates a know-it-all. It’s as good as flushing cash down the toilet.
  5. Show them your indifference. Body language is powerful. In your next meeting, make it obvious how you’d rather be somewhere else. Don’t shake their hand. Avoid eye contact. Get those feet pointed towards the door. Slouch in that chair and get those phones out. Hopefully you can get out of building out that invoice.

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